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We created this space to answer some of the most frequent questions we receive.
If that still isn't enough, send us an email and we'll answer you with great pleasure.
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  • Is the brownie completely gluten free?
    Yes. Our brownie is 100% gluten-free and does not undergo cross-contamination.
  • Does it have lactose?
    It has lactose derivatives like margarine 80% lipids.
  • Is tapibrownie vegan?
    Our traditional brownie is not vegan because it contains eggs and dairy products.
  • Is there a sugar free version?
    We haven't released the sugar-free version yet.But follow our social networks to find out about news and launches.
  • What is the nutritional table?
    NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Per 100g (50g, %DV*): Energy value 434kcal=1816kJ (217kcal=908kJ, 11%) Carbohydrates 50g (25g, 8%), of which Total Sugars 20g (10g) Added Sugars 19.8g (9.9g, 20%) Protides 4.6g (2.3g, 5%) Total fat 24g (12g, 18%) Of which Saturated Fat 12.2g (6.1g, 31%) Trans fat 0g Dietary fiber 3.6g (1.8g, 7%) Sodium 60mg (30mg, 2%)
  • Buy direct from the factory for your own consumption?
    If you want to buy for your own consumption or for birthday, wedding, etc events, you can buy at the link
  • I want to buy to resell in my establishment. How do I do?
    You have CNPJ and you want to resell the product, visit the link< /u>
  • Where can I find Tapibrownie?
    Access the "where to find" link and see some of these points registered on the location map.Unfortunately we don't have all points of sale registered.
  • My region does not have a distributor. How do I sell in my store?
    If you looked for a distributor on the map and did not find it, visit the link< /u>
  • What is the store's address?
    We are an industry, and we do not have a physical store.
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